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Remedy For Your Dog’s Bad Breath

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If you have had your personal time with your pet ruined by dog bad breath, then you are not alone. Halitosis or bad breath is just as common in dogs as in humans. And like in humans, it is an indication of much larger concerns than simply the emanating smell. More often than not it is caused by tooth decay and excessive plaque deposition in the dog’s mouth, but it could also be due to gastrointestinal disorders, kidney infection or dietary irregularities. If your dog is otherwise healthy, showing no outwardly signs of infection or pain, then treating its bad breath with probiotic supplements is the best way.

Dog Breath Remedies  

Dog bad breath is caused by the mouths natural bacteria that thrive off of the sugars in food and drinks consumed and then turning them into acids shields on the teeth. The combination of bacteria, plaque and saliva needs to be cleaned often else it will lead to bad breath. Probiotic supplements especially the strain Bacillus licheniformis has been found to be effective dog breath remedies, as it releases an enzyme that has been proven to fight tooth decay and cut through those plaque shields.

Probiotics have been a part of healthy diet for dogs for a long time and they have been found to support good health by aiding in digestion, strengthening the immune system and fighting infections in the body. The dried fermentation probiotic supplement, as it is available nowadays in chewable tablet form, contains stabilized strains of healthy bacteria besides some natural ingredients that are instant breath fresheners. As these bacteria move to the intestine, they thrive in the acidic atmosphere there and can multiply to help in healthy digestion of food and resetting of pH balance in the body.

The natural probiotic supplements are effective dog breath remedy, especially the ones within the range of 30 to 60 million CFUs per dosage. They help in the general well being of your pet by keeping it infection free besides getting rid of the dog bad breath. These probiotic supplements are especially formulated for dogs and they come in flavors that the dogs enjoy. They can be conveniently slipped into their food and help in propagating healthy gut enzymes and bacteria that can combat the root cause of bad breath. With the various probiotic brands available in the market, choose from the ones that are created particularly to fight bad breath, are within the recommended limits and contain natural ingredients, and then you can enjoy your dog’s affection to the fullest.

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