Dog Bad Breath Freshener




Bad breath in dogs isn't fun for anybody. Crush that rank smell with Puppy Breath Crusher! 

Many wonder if they'll ever be able to freshen their dog's bad breath, Puppy Breath Crusher is here to ease your worries. Just as probiotics can nourish and change the environment of your dog’s stomach, they can also alter the smelly state of his chompers.  Acting as a breath deodorizer, Puppy Breath Crusher has 500 million CFUs per tablet and contains barley grass, kale, alfalfa and citrus bioflavonoids, which are all excellent breath-fresheners for dogs, as well as help promote healthy gums.  Don't let bad dog breath ruin his goofy grin. Reset the balance of his goofy grin so your lovely pooch won’t clear the room.

The more you know ...
When choosing a probiotic, it’s important to look for two things: the amount of colony forming units (CFUs) (which is the number of active or live cultures that will provide a beneficial influence on your microbiota) and that the supplement contains multiple strains of probiotic bacteria, which will provide a wider range of benefits. It is believed that Bifidobacteria and lactobacilli are the most prevalent bacteria in the large and small intestine, respectively, and therefore are extremely desirable in your probiotic supplement.

Storage Instructions:  Fidobiotics does not require refrigeration. It is best if stored in a cool, dry place.  Cooler temperatures and refrigeration will always extend product shelf life.  

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