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Cat Has A Hairball

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Cat Hairball


The beauty of cats lie in their independence, they trot to the litter box, they clean themselves, and, if they had thumbs and wrists, they would likely feed themselves.

While we all can appreciate a clean roommate, it's their obsessive grooming that can lead to a huffing kerfuffle.


What Are Cat Hairballs?

Many wonder why your cats cough up hairballs and what cat hairball symptoms are, we are excited to get to the skinny of the situation.

Hairballs are the result of your cats cleaning process, naturally she will swallow some hair when she is keeping the dander and dandelions at bay. Cats swallowing hair is natural and virtually impossible to prevent. If your cat's digestive tract is in good working order, it should be able to digest the hair and simply pass it through with the feces.

Other times, your cats body will reject the hair and vomit the hairball onto your favorite leather armchair. Nobody wants that, not you, not your cat, and not your unsuspecting friend that plops down on a ball full of bleh.




How to Prevent Cat Hairballs

Cats coughing up hairballs can be prevented in a few ways, one of which by taking it upon yourself to groom your cat. There are many different tools to use when cleaning your little prowler, but we suggest to start out by using a metal comb and working through the fur from head to tail. If you can do this once a week, then your hairball worries won't be quite as cat-astrophic.

Cat grooming hairball


For some, however, weekly grooming just won't cut it. 

In the past, many companies have offered petroleum based hairball remedies for cats that sought to lubricate the hairball and make its path to the outside world a little less traumatic for your kitty. While it is sometimes effective, it is not recommended by a number of veterinarians as petroleum can be very harmful for your feline friend. We at Fidobiotics do not recommend this way of doing things, as it is a short term band-aid with potential long term harmful consequences. 

The best hairball remedy for cats is giving her an all natural, probiotic and enzyme packed solution.


Hairball Buster - Hairball remedy for cats

In our Meowbiotics Hairball Buster, fish oil, flax seed and several strains of probiotics join forces to help your cat naturally pass hair before it ever becomes a hairball. In addition to breaking up existing hairball blockages, the Smoked Fish Chowdah flavored probiotic blend improves digestion, and will aid in giving her healthy skin and a shiny coat. 


The Best Cat Food For Hairballs

The best cat food for hairballs that we can recommend is one of high quality. Give your furballed friend as healthy a diet as possible, especially when dealing with hair passing problems.

Cats diets are being evaluated now, more than ever. Similar to the gluten-free push in the human world, many veterinarians are recommending that the best diet for cats with hairball problems is a grain-free diet. Before the symbiotic relationship that cats and their humans have today, cats were on their own and did quite well, feasting on rodents, birds, and other meat they could get their claws on. As such, they are biologically intended to be carnivorous and have meat consist of most, if not all of their diet. 

Fidobiotics recommends speaking to your veterinarian about the best diet for your cat, and seeking an ingredient list free of GMO ingredients  and grain fillers in food.

Our meaty and effective hair ball blockage buster works best when it your kitty has bowl full of the good, carnivorous stuff. Just sprinkle it on like you would sprinkle oregano onto a plate of salmon you're about to dive into.

The best route for dealing with the health of cats and dogs is not to give them a foreign substance such as petroleum or other chemicals to deal with a problem, but to strengthen their already sophisticated immune systems. This isn't Fluffy's first rodeo, so give her a leg up on the unnecessary hacking and try our naturally effective hairball remedy. 

Groom your cat at least once a week, give your kitty the right food, and administer the right hairball remedy. She'll thank you for it. 



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