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Our Story



Fidobiotics bounded into existence in 2013 with a goal of providing the same level of quality for canine probiotics as is available for humans. Just as we understand the importance of treating our bodies kindly with healthy, natural supplements, so we understand how our furry family members can benefit, too.

It was one very special dog that spurred our family, the Wheelwrights, to pursue a business specializing in probiotics for dogs. When the youngest Wheelwright left for college, we thought a canine companion might infuse some joy into our family’s transition time.

A floppy-eared Golden Retriever made his way into our life on September 12, 2001. We named him Pledge, to honor our nation’s loss and the subsequent coming together after the terrorist attacks.

With all of the love he had to give, Pledge quickly ingrained himself as an irreplaceable member of our family. We affectionately nicknamed him the Prince of Bel Air.  

Because most of the humans in our family had knee problems, it didn’t really come as a surprise when Pledge developed knee problems, too. After a round of antibiotics following knee surgery, Pledge was left with tummy troubles. We chose to give him probiotics to help his belly heal.

After all, we believe in probiotics for preventative care and gastrointestinal issues – why wouldn’t we treat our furry family member the same?

Pledge was soon back to his princely ways, and the idea for a company specializing in probiotics for dogs was hatched.