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How To Choose A Probiotic For Your Dog or Cat

What's the difference between human-grade and feed-grade for probiotics for pets?

There has long been confusion between Human-Grade versus Feed-Grade in the world of probiotics. That difference is important if you want the very best for your dog or cat.

Human-Grade probiotic strains are harvested from a variety of sources including humans, soils, fungi, and animals. Human-Grade means Food-Grade, or something suitable for human consumption. Human-Grade is a term used in the nutraceutical industry to establish the quality and standards that need to be in place in order to manufacture products that can be consumed by humans. Feed-grade means that certain products are manufactured specifically for animals only, and are NOT to be consumed by humans.


3 things to know when choosing the right probiotic for your dog.

Higher CFU Count  

Choosing human-grade  probiotics for dogs and cats enables us to provide them with a greater CFU count, target specific areas of the gut and be more effective in general. Feed Grade probiotics generally have a lower CFU (Colony Forming Unit) count, or the number of living cells that are available in each dose, compared to those made for humans. 


From a formula standpoint, human-grade means each ingredient is human-grade, as opposed to feed-grade where none or only some ingredients are human-grade. Multiple strains of probiotics, prebiotics, and herbs work together to enhance their specific function in the GI tract. Most dog supplements are generally feed-grade unless stated otherwise.


There are only a handful of manufacturers who truly understand the entire process and are able to produce strains that are commercially stable. For human-grade probiotics, which are used for foods and supplements, this process is even more complex and stringent because all of the high demands required to build human-grade type products.

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