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Benefits of Canine Probiotics

Probiotics means for life. Helps to restore and maintain a healthy bacterial balance in your dog's digestive tract.

Explore The Benefits Of Canine Probiotics

Probiotics quite literally means 'for life'. Here at Fidobiotics, we're about living, and living well.

Trillions of microorganisms call your dog’s digestive tract home. Some are good, some are neutral, and some are just plain ugly. Probiotics are the superheroes of these microorganisms, fighting the good fight by replenishing the good bacteria that aid in balancing your pup's immune system.

About 65% of your dog’s immune system defenses are found in his digestive tract – not too far off from the 70 percent in humans. A mucus membrane of cells line Fido’s digestive tract, and in order to sicken a dog, the illness causing bacteria must break through that membrane. In a balanced tummy, the gut operates with a ratio of 80 percent good to 20 percent not-so-good bacteria. But there’s an army of factors that lead to the upset of that balance: stress, travel, diet, medications and exposure to illness, to name a few.

A daily probiotic supplement can help support and maintain the bacterial balance in a dog’s digestive track. Made up of multiple species and subspecies of bacteria, as well as a yeast species called saccharomyces. In addition to aiding digestion, probiotics assist Fido’s body in maintaining a healthy immune function, improving nutrient absorption and may help with inflammation.


'In addition to aiding in digestion, probiotics assist Fido's body in maintaining healthy immune function, improving nutrient absorption and may help with inflammation.'