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Why Are Cats Scared of Cucumbers?

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Why Are Cats Scared of Cucumbers?

When one thinks about cucumbers, they may be reminded of their first time at that exclusive spa, where slices of the smooth fruit (yes, it's actually a fruit!) were draped over the eyes before the most purr-fect massage of your life.

Maybe instead you drift toward thoughts of giving your salad the crunch it needs to be next-level. 

If you are a cat and you happen upon that deep green and smooth piece of produce, chances are you will be running for the hills and running fast!  

Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

This behavior may bring laughs to some feline owners, but after a while, it can become worrisome. So why are cats scared of cucumbers?

Cats In The Wild and Cucumbers

While it would be enjoyable to write all about how cats and cucumbers were natural enemies within the wild, it would not be true! Mostly because, well, a cucumber's only enemy is its similarly flavorless produce friend, celery, and they compete for the the title of most boring piece of produce in your local grocery store.

While the ancestors of kitty cats did not wage war with these crisp botanicals, they DID do their darnedest to avoid being attacked by something similar looking. 

Your cat may jump from here to the next town over at the sight of a cucumber because your frantic feline is mistaking the non-threatening fruit for a slithering, two-fanged, usually deadly, snake! 

snake cucumber

Snakes are known to attack all forms of mammals, and felines are no exception. Through thousands of years of instinct, most animals have it hardwired in their brains to avoid most things long, green, and smooth.

On the other side of the cat-cucumber coin, cats are obligate carnivores that actually hunted snakes themselves, so some are not buying that all of these scaredy cats are scared for simply believing it's a snake. Like dogs and humans, cats develop a sense of security towards their habitat. Placing a foreign object behind them without them knowing is sure to cause a scare, regardless of the color and shape! 

While it is impossible to prove that every cat fearing the noodle shaped fruit is mistaking it for a snake, most agree that this is the most likely cause for the freak out. 

Is It A Good Idea To Scare Your Cat With Cucumbers?

The cue to scare kitty can be cumbersome to the mental state of your meowser. Your kitty's mental health is a fragile thing and you often are in control of their overall peace of mind.

If your cat is prone to fits of anxiety or stress, there are all-natural calming probiotic supplements to keep kitty calm.

Being up to date on your cat's behavioral habits and body language can help to ensure that kitty stays as peaceful as possible. 

For example, when her ears are pinned to her head, she may be feeling defensive. In these moments, do your best to let your fur friend know where you are (and where any stray cucumber may be).

Beyond the mental state of your cat, in a pinch to leave the stressful situation, your cat may injure herself in a last-ditch effort to survive. This 'prank' has gained traction with some less than thoughtful cat owners and has received backlash from many cat experts.

If you cause stress to an animal that's probably not a good thing,” Goldman told National Geographic. “If you do it for laughs it makes me question your humanity.” Animal behavior specialist Dr Roger Mugford also told Metro, "I think that the reaction is due to the novelty and unexpectedness of finding an unusual object secretly placed while their heads were down in the food bowl."

So, if a gal-pal asks you to play the snake/pre-pickle prank on Petunia, just say no! 

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