Can Dogs Have Ginger?

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is ginger good for dogs?
You're in the kitchen, cooking up a sweet and spicy stir-fry. The mouth watering aroma makes its way to your dog's sniffer and, before you know it, he's lunging for the cutting board chalked with ginger and swallows a bit of the fragrant root before you can assess the situation. You immediately ask yourself "Can dogs have ginger?"
can my dog have ginger?

Do not despair, Fido friend! You absolutely CAN give your dog ginger. Alongside coconut oil and most mushrooms, ginger is safe and beneficial treat for your doggo. Not only can you give him ginger, but it may just help his tummy feel better if he's having nausea, digestion, or inflammatory issues.

What is Ginger?

The brown fragrant ginger root many of us have come to love and incorporate in our daily diet comes from the flowering ginger plant. Similar to turmeric, ginger root has been used in asian and middle eastern cuisine and medicine for thousands of years. It has long been used for nausea, inflammation and digestion issues.

Ginger root contains hundreds of beneficial chemical compounds, over 475 in-fact! Some of the more well-known compounds within ginger include gingerols, capsaicin, camphor, essential oils, acetic acid, and beta-carotene.


does ginger help with dog car sick

Ever had an upset tummy and the first thing that came to mind was a nice cold glass of ginger ale? Chances are, that ginger helped quell the queasy. 

Having a dog nowadays almost guarantees that your pup will be faced with the excitement or horror of hopping in the car with their favorite human and feeling the wind run across their furry snout. 

It is extremely common for us dog parents to get a little car sick after a bumpy drive, your Fido is no exception! 

Nausea in dogs can be a terrible experience and can often lead to vomiting. Not only do you not want your little buddy to hurl his guts, your car's interior wouldn't like the stains too much either.

But wait! There is something you can do to in the tug-o-war against Nellie's nausea! Do your best to incorporate a small amount of ginger in his diet a few hours before setting off on your next great adventure and he'll be happy as a clam, inside and out! 


cooking ginger for your dog

While probiotic powder for dogs is the gold standard for maintaining healthy digestion, ginger root is a fantastic addition to your dog's health regimen. One of the main ways ginger helps with digestion is through promoting saliva flow and other gastric juices that naturally aid with nutrient absorption and the break down of foods. Beyond that, it is a fantastic way to change things up and give your fluffer some much needed flavor in his diet!


One thing the majority of aging dogs deal with is arthritis. While us humans have a plethora of options to deal with our aching bones, graying pups aren't so lucky. 

Dog arthritis is an often painful and debilitating issue stemming from damage to the cartilage within the joints. When cartilage becomes damaged, it can cause inflammation, which can cause your dog joint pain. Beyond pain, your dog can experience swelling and stiffness. Watch out for any pronounced limping, wincing when you pick them up, or inability to run and jump.

A great thing do for your suffering friend is to make sure they are absorbing as much nutrients as possible. One way to aid nutrient absorption is through the use of probiotic powder for dogs.

When thinking about giving them the proper nutrition it is important to remember that ginger is regarded by many to support the body's healthy inflammation response.  If your doggo is has aching bones, give ginger root a try!

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