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Did you know January is ‘National Walk your Dog Month’?

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Thanksgiving was filling. Christmas was chaotic. The New Year rang everyone’s resolution bell to get back into shape, loose that extra weight, and be healthy. That goes for our Fidos as well. Therefore, what a perfect time in January to be designated as National Walk Your Dog Month!

Interestingly enough, according to pet insurance providers, “It’s no surprise that the biggest health threat to pets in 2017 is obesity,” said Dr. Ernie Ward, Founder of the Association For Pet Obesity. “When you consider that over half of the nation’s dogs and cats are now overweight or obese, it literally is a growing problem.”  That means about 40 million dogs and 45 million cats are obese just in the US. That’s a lot of excess weight!

Use this month, January, as your jumping off point to start creating new healthy habits like exercising and eating right.  Hate working out alone? You don’t have to worry because you have your BFF for life that needs a walk and a swift pat on the butt too (yes, that’s your dog)!  A 30-minute walk can burn around 90-200 calories for you depending on how fast you go (depending on speed and incline) about 60 + calories for your pooch. So… take your dog for a walk and burn off the fat. 

Are there really any benefits to walking my dog? Exercising with your dog to burn calories is great way to get exercise, but another positive reason to walk your dog every day is that it helps with behavioral problems. Getting his/her energy out ensures a happy and healthy dog, which leads to them being more trainable. Canine energy has to be expelled, and if not during exercise, it may be taken out in a less desirable manner, such as chewing up your favorite pair of shoes.

Did you know it takes 21 days to form a new habit? “January 17 marks ‘DITCH YOUR RESOLUTION DAY’, when gyms note a significant decrease in attendance and candy bar sales spike.  But if you can hold on for one more week, your desired behavior can become a much-easier-to-keep habit.”. Get out there and walk your dog in January to form that new healthy habit for both you and Fido. 




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