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Dog With Diarrhea, Probiotics Can Help!

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Many of us have been there. You're laying lazily with your pup, enjoying the quality time, but before you can say schnauzer, her snout starts to wrinkle, her tail tucks, and she gives you an ashamed look as she starts, well, pooping a steaming liquid on the brand new carpet.




Dog diarrhea can often be caused by an intestinal infection. When the intestines get infected, they work double-time, which is no good for the rest of the GI! This over secretion throws the body out of whack and out comes the dreaded excretions.



When your dog's little body is sick with symptoms of diarrhea, he often has a tough time absorbing nutrients at the same rate. For a long time, your best bet to maintain gut health was to feed your little friend sweet potato, pumpkin, chicken, broth, and rice, and hope that little Fido would nab some of that quickly passing nutrition.

More recently, research has shown that probiotics do wonders for nutrient absorption. Serving your sick dog these foods remains a good method to get your dog on the path to wellness, BUT, giving him a probiotic in addition to these foods can speed up the process and alleviate your pooch (and your now stained carpet) from further disrepair!


If you're reading this while your doberman is debilitated, give him our famous Immuno Boosto! The chicken noodle flavored pack is bursting with 20 billion CFUs of 11 funk-fighting strains of probiotics, plus proprietary blend of 8 mushrooms, 8 herbs, and 4 vitamins, and essential minerals. 

Sick dog remedy


One of the many benefits to daily dog probiotic use is that it aids in boosting immune function, managing gas, as well as supporting the detoxification and elimination process. 

So whether your pup's irregular butt is caused by an intestinal infection, Osmotic imbalances, or a virus, probiotics are here to help his immune system.

Don't wait until the next time your dog has stomach problems, put him on a daily regimen of cheeseburger flavored probiotics for gut health!

We hope that your little pup gets back to his old woofing ways soon!


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