Full Spectrum Hemp For Dogs

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Full Spectrum Hemp for Dogs

CBD for dogs

Full Spectrum Hemp for dogs? It might sound a bit strange at first, but when you think about it, it really makes a lot of sense.  

First of all, what is Full Spectum Hemp?

Full Spectrum Hemp (PCR) is the entire industrial hemp plant. The surprising thing about PCR is that, unlike THC, it does not have psychoactive properties. Therefore, PCR products are mostly legal in the EU and is trending toward completely legal in the United States. According to Section 7606 of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (“Farm Bill”) regarding industrial hemp introduced into the US in 2014 - all cannabis plants with a THC content equal to or less than 0.3% are considered legal hemp.

As with humans, PCR can be valuable at a therapeutic level for dogs. People use full spectrum hemp to support a healthy inflammatory response, maintain a healthy mental state, and much more.

The physiology of all mammals (and some non-mammals, like slugs!) is endowed with cannabinoid receptors. Because of this, research has shown that all mammals can benefit from treatments derived from hemp and PCR. And this, of course, includes your dogs and other furry four-legged pets.

However, PCR gotten from a high-yield hemp species has all other cannabinoids and plant ingredients. 

Full-spectrum hemp oil is pure oil that is extracted from hemp and contains all the compounds found in the original hemp plant. This type of oil is completely pure and contains an arrangement of cannabinoids and other essential minerals, vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, chlorophyll, terpenes, flavonoids, and fibers.

PCR is abundant in the broad-spectrum oil (full spectrum hemp). It has been proven that it is a non-psychoactive compound which is beneficial in many ways. . You will benefit greatly from the "Entourage Effect" when you consume full spectrum. 

However, if we take simple words, then full-spectrum hemp oil is the purest form of hemp oil.

Often times, companies will claim that a product is 'full spectrum' when in fact they are taking an isolate and impregnating the isolate with terpenes. This newly mixed compound is called a terposlate.

Hemp Based Supplements For Your Dogs

Although THC has many sought after health promoting properties, its psychoactive effects make it unsuitable for children, the elderly and animals. Humans can tolerate THC quite well, but smaller mammals are less likely to benefit in the same way. However, the PCR offers a large number of potential applications for dogs and cats in all areas, and there are many anecdotal accounts that defend its effectiveness.

Pets can be safely administered full-spectrum hemp oils, tinctures and capsules/pills, allowing them to take advantage of their advantages of PCR, without interrupting their normal ability to function.

Humans and dogs have specialized cannabis receptor sites. These receptors are located primarily in the brain and central nervous system, as well as in the peripheral organs, especially immune cells. Together, these receptors form the so-called endocannabinoid system, many studies show that cannabinoids support a healthy inflammaroty response and can be used for a variety of issues, including promoting a healthy immune system, supporting a healthy mental state, among other well documented affects.

From what we know about this Full Spectrum Hemp, PCR exerts many of its effects through the endocannabinoid system (SEC). Although it does not bind to CB1 or CB2 receptors directly, as does THC, PCR influences the entire SEC, allowing positive results to be obtained.


How can Full Spectrum Hemp Help your dog?

Hemp can help with a variety of issues. Issues in which hemp can be used include supporting normal joint function, immune system support, a healthy stress response,, and a healthy GI tract. There are also ongoing studies on the effects of issues that can affect elderly canines. 

Veterinarians also discovered that PCR can be used to support normal wound healing and a healthy response to swelling.

And how fast does it work?

As with any herbal supplement, no immediate effect will be noticed. You will have to be patient. The hemp oil may take a few hours to interact with the body, but can take as long as several days.

Safety First

Again, your dog will not get any kind of 'high' effect because of the low THC content of PCR hemp. The most common side effect of PCR is that your dog may be a bit more relaxed than usual. 

Is Full Spectrum Hemp for Pets Illegal?

As long as the full spectrum hemp used to treat dogs contains a negligible amount of THC, and high amounts of PCR, it is generally legal to purchase and administer these products. Although there are differences between one jurisdiction and another, the PCR alone does not usually have restrictions. 

Veterinarians Who Prescribe Full Spectrum Hemp for Dogs
While full-spectrum hemp products are available in a growing number of veterinary offices, you can just as easily purchase a high quality hemp product from your local pet specialty shop or online.


Acquiring Full Spectrum Hemp for Your Dog

Our furry friends are lucky, today a large number of companies produce PCR products for dogs. If your dog suffers pain, reduced mobility, or suffers certain ailments, ask your veterinarian about the products of PCR and research a bit on the internet to find the best producers of PCR.

It is important to mention that not all PCR supplements are created in the same way. Look for products made specifically for dogs and pets, and those in which the company provides details on the ingredients, extraction processes and others. The more transparent a company is, the more likely its products are!

The cannabis sector is booming, and today PCR supplements are taking a larger piece of the cake than ever. Not to mention that a considerable part of these products is marketed to dog owners.

On the other hand, the BBC has indicated that both the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the Colorado State University are carrying out two significant clinical studies on full spectrum PCR: one on arthritis and the other on epilepsy in canines.

Although there is much empirical evidence to suggest the effectiveness of PCR for dogs and humans, it is essential to concretize these claims with scientific data before making any kind of claim. For now, any conclusions are still simply conjecture.

Despite sharing a similar endocannabinoid system, dogs and pets are different from humans and, therefore, react to PCR differently. Some may feel a little sleepy, so the dosage is extremely important. In general, the smaller the mass of the dog, the smaller the dose. Although the consumption of full spectrum hemp oil is considered safe, you have to make sure not to expose your dogs to THC.



As we have mentioned, research on full spectrum hemp use for biological support use for dogs and for humans is still being carried out. However, it is clear that many dog owners have realized certain properties of the PCR. Better yet, companies that make PCR dog products are booming.

Dog owners will soon enjoy the greater availability of these products. With the help of your veterinarian, and doing some research, you can get the right supplement for your furry companions.

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