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How to Make Good Poopsicles

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How to Make Good Poopsicles Using Good Guts™ Probiotic & Digestive Enzyme Supplement

While this would've been BEST for a hot Summer day, an adorable poop emoji ice cub tray just arrived. So as Fall temperatures arrive, we are making frozen treats! Ce la vie, right!

If you want 'mix it up' a little for your dog or cat and want to give them a SUPER yummy and tummy fixing treat! Try making our Good Guts™ probiotics and digestive enzyme supplement into frozen ice cubes, Voila! You have Good Poopsicles (trademark pending, :P). 

Will freezing the Good Guts affect the probiotics?

Freezing will make probiotics go dormant (or asleep), but don't worry, they wake right back up when they come in contact with warmer temperatures and moisture like in your dog's mouth or belly. 

If your dog or cat enjoys this method of eating their probiotics, you can make a big batch.

Does your finicky kitty refuse to drink water? Cats may enjoy licking ice cubes, so this could be a great way to get extra moisture into your kitty's diet!

Good Poopsicle Frozen Treat with Good Guts


How to make Frozen Probiotics Treats For Dogs?


I added three scoops of the Good Guts to about 1/3 cup of cool (not hot) water. Remember hot water will kill the probiotics. I knew I would give Gus a few poopsicles a day and that would about equal his scoop a day of Good Guts. 


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