Technology – Fidobiotics


We believe that our customers deserve the very best. Because of that, Fidobiotics employs some of the most cutting edge technology to get your rover's belly as digestion-ready as possible! 

CSP Technologies Activ-Vial Bottle

csp desiccant bottle

Fidobiotics uses CSP Technologies Activ-Vial bottles for all of our new products. This ensures that moisture, a probiotic activator, stays in the dog house and away from those valuable probiotics!


The clock starts ticking on bacteria's lifespan when they are activated by temperature or moisture. Probiotics are at their most effective when moisture cannot activate them before being ingested.

"Our bottles provide manufacturers various options to satisfy customized packaging requirements and deliver unparalleled protection that ensures product stability and maximized product shelf life."

-CSP Technologies



Human Grade Facilities and Probiotic Strains

We believe that all pet products should be held to the same standards demanded within the human supplement industry. That is why every probiotic strain present in our products are human-grade - meaning that they are tested by the same rigorous standards complied by any probiotic company for people. Fidobiotics utilizes over 30 years of research backed, temperature-controlled processes to ensure our products have the highest quality and durability possible.

Our products are packaged in an NASC, NSF, and FDA audited facility.