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Immuno Boosto - Immune System Supplement For Dogs

Don't let your dog's allergies, food-related ills and seasonal aliments take the pep out of his step. Sometimes Fido needs a little Boosto.


It is easy to freak out after finding that your dog's lymph nodes are swollen. That maternal instinct is why your boy is usually in tip-top shape! But for those sneezy, run-down times, we're here to help.  

Every Immuno Boosto stick pack is bursting with 20 billion CFUs of 11 funk-fighting strains of probiotics, plus a proprietary blend of 8 mushrooms, 8 herbs, and 4 vitamins, and essential minerals.

Immuno Boosto aids in the dog digestive system and may help your dog's natural inflammatory response. For low immune system symptoms in dogs, contact your veterinarian for information catered to your specific dog.

Just sprinkle the paw-lickin'-delicious Chicken Noodle-flavored probiotic powder over Fido's food to give his immune system a well-deserved lift.   



Each Box Comes With 30 Sachets, Enough to Last an Entire Month!


A proprietary Boosto Probiotic Blend of (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactic/B. animals, B. longum, B. infantis, L. casei, L. gassari, L. rhamnosus, B. bifidum, L. salivarius, L. paracasei, L. planetarium) 139 mg. A Proprietary Boosto Mushroom Blend of (Cordyceps, Agaricus blazei, Maitake, Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey tail, Pleurotus eryngii, Hericium erinaceus) 1,519 mg

A Proprietary Boosto Herbs, Vitamins, and Mineral Blend of (Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Astragalus, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Siberian Ginseng, Ginger, Zinc Citrate, Echinacea, Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Rhodiola,Beta Carotene, Astaxanthin) 636 mg 


Inactive Ingredients

Chicken noodle flavor, Coconut oil, Inulin, Pumpkin.


Product Facts

Recommended for dogs with occasional allergies, food-related ills, and weakened immune systems. Great for dogs that have frequent antibiotic treatments and vaccinations. 

Directions for Use:

Sprinkle on food or treat. Can be given during or after meal time.


 *Our recommended directions for use are basic guidelines and may vary depending on your dog's metabolism.

Each pack contains 4 grams of powder







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