Fidobiotics Is Inside the PCTV Sundance Gift Bag

Fidobiotics Is Inside the PCTV Sundance Gift Bag

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This year, Fidobiotics had the privilege of participating in the annual PCTV (Park City Television) Sundance Gift Bag that is given to guests throughout the festival. The gift bag is filled to the brim with fantastic local Utah products.  Inside, Fidobiotics offered our Puppy Breath Crusher probiotic supplement.

Puppy Breath Crusher is a probiotic supplement for dogs that helps support a healthy digestion and reduce inflammation in dogs of all sizes and breeds. This particular product also protects your dog against tooth decay, that helps to cut through plaque. It can leave your dog with  fresher breath & sweeter kisses. Don’t worry, it tastes yummy because it’s flavored “Fried Chicken and Waffles.

The Gift Bag is promoted by ParkCityTV. They have been a proud sponsor and partner of the Sundance Film Festival; they cover more films and festival happenings than any other media outlet during the 10 day event.

The Sundance Film Festival for 2016 started on Jan. 21, 2016 in Sundance, Utah. It’s a film exhibition that highlights independent filmmakers from across the world. The festival engages over 75,000 people to celebrate, review, and share compelling stories from great storytellers. 

Fidobiotics is proud to be a part of the promotion and pleased to support PCTV and the Sundance Film Festival for a second year in a row. Why? Because we believe in happy dogs, inside and out, and their stories matter too.

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