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Why your Dog should be taking Probiotics

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Did you know that just like you and me, our dog’s digestive system also contains trillions of good bacteria that help keep them healthy? This healthy bacteria is constantly in conflict with the unhealthy bacteria in your dog’s stomach. Both bacteria’s are working diligently around the clock to make your dog’s stomach their home. If your dog is suffering from a digestive health related issue like diarrhea, constipation, or gas, dog probiotics might be able to help by providing an extra boost to your dog’s good bacteria and immune system.


Research has shown that dog probiotics can be beneficial when your dog is experiencing digestive issues such as diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and intestinal inflammation. Probiotics for dogs support a healthy digestive tract by keeping unhealthy bacteria such as E. Coli, salmonella, and clostridium perfringens in check. When the immune system is threatened a dog’s might experience an overgrowth of bad bacteria and could become more prone to certain diseases and or allergies. This can cause lots of issues with the dog’s digestive tract. The friendly bacteria strains found in dog probiotics such as Enterococcus Faecium, Bacillus Coagulans, Bifidobacterium Animalis, and Lactobacillus Acidophilus can help keep your dog’s immune system functioning and processing efficiently. When your dog’s gut is filled with friendly probiotic bacteria it can influence the colonization of these healthy bacteria strains, toxins are then managed, unfriendly bacteria can be kept in check and vitamins and vegetable fibers can be better processed which is why many vets recommend regular use of probiotics for dogs.

Dog probiotics can be given as supplements with normal feedings. At times this may be challenging because as we’re sure you already know lots of dog’s are very picky about taste and textured objects. They can get intimidated by these foreign capsules or tablets you give them not to mention something without flavor and lack of smell doesn’t sound enticing to gobble up. Thus, it is very important to look for a probiotic supplement that not only smells delicious to eat but actually tastes good so your dog wants to actually eat them, this can help increase the consumption rate and you are not just throwing your money away if your dog decides to not eat the probiotic due to lack of taste.

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