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9 Must Haves for Camping w. Your Dog

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Before you venture out with your pup to enjoy nature and explore the outdoors. Take a look at the curated list of our favorite doggy must-have items to take along camping, hiking or RVing with our pack. Your adventure trail dog will thank you!

1.  First-Aid-Kit
Helpful items to have on hand are bandages, butterfly closures, waterproof surgical tape, gauze squares, tweezers and hydrogen peroxide. Or just check out these very cool premade kits from Adventure Medical Kits. 

2.  Digestive Supplement
Trail dogs drink from puddles and that is probably the least of your worries. I know my dog Gus has gotten into some serious icky or suspicious things in the woods. There are a number of ick things your curious dude may find in the woods. By giving your dog a daily probiotic, you are boosting their immune system and helping them to combat nasty opportunistic bacteria or viruses. Don’t forget to take your Good Guts™ along with you and keep giving them to pup to help combat any giardia from streams or upset tummies from adventurous eating! (If you’re tent camping during the hotter months, keep Good Guts™ In a plastic bag and in your cooler). If your adventures aren’t taking place in 90 degree+ weather you are fine leaving them in the shade.  If it’s warm and sunny, whatever you do, don’t leave in the car!!!
3.  Collapsible Bowl: We love this Ruffwear bowl!
4.  Dog Light
Whether you are walking to bathrooms or around your campsite at night. You probably want to keep track of your dog. These super cool lights from Niteize can attach to your dog’s collar so you can find him any time of night or checking out a dark cave. https://www.niteize.com/collection/pet.asp
5.  Dog Travel Bed: Sleeping on the ground can cause a chill for your dog and a waterproof travel bed will keep pup dry and warm. There are a few great ones, our team is split between Ruffwear Highlander and Kurgo’s Loft Wanderer 
6.  Booties

If you are on challenging trails or snow, you can protect your dog’s paws by putting them in some booties. There are a number of booties at all price points. So we will refer you to an awesome ranking that The Whole Dog Journal completed. They also include tips on how to introduce them and how to fit them best so your dog is comfy as can be. https://www.whole-dog-journal.com/lifestyle/dog-gear/the-4-best-winter-dog-boots-out-there/

7.  High Protein Treats

To keep dogs going strong, pack some high protein treats and bring them along on hikes. We love these single protein treats from Polka Dog! That will help your dog keep their energy up even when you’re going further than their regular distance. Remember to keep an eye on how your pup is doing. Lying in the shade, heavy panting, vomiting are all signs your dog may be suffering from heat exhaustion. Do not push your pup beyond their comfort level, especially in the heat or if your dog is older or with health problems.
8.  Poop Bags
Remember, leave no trace. Pack out and properly dispose of all garbage and waste. Our favorite brand of poop bags is the eco-friendly, biodegradable Earthrated brand. 
9.  Leash
Don’t forget a leash for when you are around other campers or dogs. At campgrounds, not everyone is comfortable around dogs, so a leash will help keep an overly friendly pooch in control.  Need a collar and leash that will last? We are fans of another local Salt Lake Company, Wolfgang, Man and Beast. 

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